November 28, 2022


Food loaded for bear

Your Daily FoodScope for November 14, 2021

Do you often find yourself wondering what food to cook, how to cook it, and even that dreaded question—how much of it? It’s a daily struggle for all of us, but need not be with our food horoscope. Satisfaction is only a click away!


You’ll need to slow down in your relentless drive for success. Racing in overdrive will eventually wear you down. So park the car outside of an Italian restaurant where you can relax with good food. Take your time enjoying the shrimp risotto. You might actually notice subtle flavors you never knew existed.


Your lunch choice for today should be a no brainer. But don’t be surprised if you feel all warm and tingly after partaking of the delight of a pastrami sandwich. As George Costanza of ‘Seinfeld’ once opined, pastrami is the most sensual of the salt cured meats.


Use a little imagination and you can make some of your pantry food items perform double duty. While you freely use vinegar for salad dressings, tenderizing meat or as a dip for French fries, it can also be used to clean counter tops, kill weeds and to eliminate athlete’s foot. In these tough times, a little versatility can go a long way!


Coming out of your shell won’t interest you today. It’s a harsh world out there, and you’ll feel like everyone is boiling water while staring directly at you. Turn the tables and use that water to cook penne pasta for the scrumptious baked penne with pesto and smoked sausage you’ll cook for dinner.


Exercise is only half of the equation of any fitness regimen. The sexy results won’t become truly evident until you embrace other health aspects. So put down the fried chicken and have salmon filets or turkey burgers for dinner instead. Better health through better eating should be your mantra for today and every day.

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Your diet will seem harder than usual today, but don’t let weakness send you into the arms of a calorie intensive meal. The waist-reducing results of going the extra mile will be worth it. A tofu and bok choy stir-fry will be a healthier alternative to lasagna or fried chicken, and spare you from an evening of guilt.


It’s come to your attention lately that you’re not at the top of your game health wise. But it’s never too late to reverse a downward trend. Replace the fast food with a sensible diet full of good stuff. A chicken and broccoli stir-fry or homemade lentil soup will not only boost your physical health, but your mental health as well.


Be shrewd if you want to meet members of the opposite sex in places other than bars or Internet chat rooms. Enrolling in a cooking class could be a great way to meet people and strengthen your kitchen skills. Who knows, somewhere between learning how to bone trout and preparing the perfect creme brulee, love could bloom.


For both men and women, a loss of bone density is a major issue as people age. But smart eating can help you keep your skeletal system strong and healthy. Think foods rich in calcium and Vitamin D, like milk, cereal, yogurt, and orange juice. If that sounds like your typical breakfast, you’re already on the right path.


Your attempts to impress others will be mostly met with approval today, especially if you hit them in their stomachs. But bringing homemade cupcakes and fudge brownies to a business meeting will look like you’re sucking up. Busting out a quart of milk will really be taking things too far.


Coworkers will be on their own wacky agenda today. But don’t follow their lead because they’re on a road to nowhere. While they’re off at a three-martini lunch, stay behind with your tuna sandwich and apple. The boss will be impressed with someone who’s not only hard-working but health conscious.


You may think you’re helping coworkers by making the lunch run every day, but they’re actually using you. Come to this realization today and stop the cycle of abuse. Instead, buy yourself a big lunch today, and eat it right there in the office in front of them. Revenge in the form of a big meatball grinder will not only be sweet, but delicious!

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